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Stands & Benches / Locker Plinths

Elevates the lockers 75mm off the ground for easier access.
Manufactured from 1.5mm zinc coated steel also available in stainless steel for extreme environments.
Adjustable feet allows the plinth to be levelled prior to placement of lockers.
Plinths can be joined together to form one continuous run.
Easily relocated and  reconfigured.
Dulux E-Primed & powder coated.
Colour matched to suit lockers or contrasting colour if required.

* Locker Plinths suitable for Davell manufactured lockers only.

Stands & Benches / Locker Plinths

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Locker Plinths Specifications:

  Product Code



  300mm Wide      
  PLINTH0730050   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 400W 500D
  305mm Wide      
  PLINTH0730545   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 305W 450D
  PLINTH0730555   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 305W 550D
  381mm Wide      
  PLINTH0738145   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 381W 450D
  PLINTH0738155   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 381W 550D
  400mm Wide      
  PLINTH0740050   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 400W 500D
  450mm Wide      
  PLINTH0745045   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 450W 450D
  PLINTH0745055   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 450W 550D
  495mm WIde      
  PLINTH0749545   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 495W 450D
  PLINTH0749555   Locker Plinth   75H(Min) 495W 550D

Please note: All dimensions are nominal. Specifications can change without notice.
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