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Davell Product Maintenance

Cleaning and General Care
General Care (all metal products) - most of the operations and maintenance procedures are common throughout the Davell range of products.

Powder Coat Finish
A powder coat thickness of >60 microns is applied to all metal products. This thickness allows the product to take scuffs and scrapes without chipping and exposure to bare metal.
All products have a kick panel height or plinth height of at least 50mm, this allows shoes and vacuum cleaners to strike the product without hitting the doors and/or draws affecting use.

Three steps to cleaning powder coated surfaces:

1.  Using a soft clean cloth and a mild detergent in warm water, clean the powder coating to remove dust, salt or other deposits.

2.  Always rinse using fresh water with a mildly damp cloth to remove any remaining detergent.

3.  Remove any moisture using a soft dry cloth.

Warning: In some cases, strong solvents recommended for thinning various types of paints and also for cleaning up mastics/sealants are harmful to the extended life of the powder coated surface.

These solvents should not be used for cleaning purposes and will render the warranty void if used.

For the removal of grease, paint or hard to remove marks the following solvents can be used safely: Methylated Spirits, Turpentine, White Spirits and Ethyl Alcohol.

Loading of Storage Units
All storage units should be located on a suitable level surface.
Always load the storage unit from the bottom first.
Warning: Do not use the product as a support structure for other storage systems or furniture.
Do not climb up or stand on product. 

Storage of Units in Damp Locations
Installing products in damp or humid locations should be avoided.
Rust stains can appear at the base of the product if the floor is cleaned using chemicals mixed with water.
If a product is required to be located in a 'wet area' it is advisable to place the unit on a galvanised stand.
Please contact our office for further information regarding stands.

Hinge maintenance should not be required if used in a protected environment under normal operating conditions.
It is recommended that under extremely humid conditions to apply light machine oil to the hinge pin.
Warning: Do not swing or push heavily on the door as this will cause damage to the hinge.

Some keys can over-time become progressively more difficult to insert into the lock and turn. If this problem persist apply a small amount of graphite powder or 'Dry Glide' (these products can be purchased from your local hardware) to the key then work it in and out of the lock a few times to lubricate the internal mechanism.
Warning: Do not use oil of any type to lubricate the mechanism as this attracts dust and other tiny particles which will affect the locking operation.
Should the problem persist locks can be easily replaced on site, this is done by removing the circlip or nut which holds the lock firmly in-place and wriggling the lock out of its cut-out.
Insert the new lock, making sure it is set in the correct position then replace the circlip.
Note: Some locks contain removable cylinders whereby the cylinder can be taken out of the housing and replaced.
If you are unsure if your product has a removable cylinder please contact Davell Products.

Tambour Door Cabinets
The slats should be cleaned with mild solution of soapy water.
Do not use any abrasive agents as these may damage the surface finish.
The black plastic tracks that the door runs along should be periodically vacuumed to remove any loose particles and dust that may affect the sliding of the doors.
Never use excessive force to move the doors, if the doors becomes difficult to move check for any obstructions in the track or overhanging items on the shelf catching as the door runs past.

Issued 1st January 2008
Revised 1st September 2008

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