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Mobile Shelving / Self Based Manually Operated


The Davell Self Based Manually Operated Mobile Shelving is built on a fully welded base manufactured from galvanised 50mm x 50mm square steel tube with a 3mm wall thickness for maximum strength, not formed sheetmetal or lightweight extruded aluminium.

Cross-beams are used in the base for support and rigidity.

Static plinths and mobile trolleys are manufactured from 2.5mm steel and have a  fully welded sub-frame.

Lateral anti-tilt guide wheels run the full length of the unit to stabilise each bay and prevent 'crabbing' and tilting of the shelving.

Case hardened load-bearing wheels are used on each trolley which are capable of carrying weight far greater than the trolleys maximum capacity.

Adjustable feet allow the base to be levelled on-site using the latest laser technology with accuracy to within .5mm ensuring ease of movement and correct alignment of the shelving bays.

All components are treated with a phosphate wash that removes any impurities then powder coated using the latest thermoset technology.


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Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia using Australian sourced materials by Davell Products Pty Limited - an Australian owned and trusted family business since 1946.


Self Based - prefabricated base incorporating track and non-slip walk-on platform


To Customers Requirements

Shelving Width: Multiples and combinations of 762mm, 915mm, 1050mm, 1220mm
Maximum width is 2 x 915mm bays = 1830mm
Shelving Height:

1803mm, 1980mm, 2210mm (custom heights available upon request)
(Add 155mm for overall bay height)

Shelving Depth:

305mm, 400mm, 457mm, 610mm
(Add 20mm for overall bay depth)

Shelf Capacity:

100kgs (evenly distributed load) for 762mm, 915mm & 1050mm
  80kgs (evenly distributed load) for 1220mm
(Shelves can be reinforced to carry heavier loads)

Shelf Type: Slotted (to accomodate Polycarbonate Shelf Dividers))
Finish: Base, Plinths & Trolleys: Powder Coat - Vivica Brilliance (Taupe)
Shelving: Powder Coat - choice of colours
Accessories: Polycarbonate Shelf Dividers, Roll-Out Reference Shelves, Roll-Out Media Drawers, Rear Console Lock
Warranty: Lifetime - Refer homepage


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