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Australia's Leading Manufacturer of Quality Standard and Custom-Made Steel Storage Solutions Since 1946

Davell News:

The Under Bed Locker: The Backpacker Hostel's new best friend

The Australian summer is fast approaching, bringing with it a horde of keen backpackers and tourists. While the hotter months are great for hostels and hotels, the extra traffic can make it hard for visitors to keep their shared rooms organised and to store their belongings.

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Davell's designs in the news

A Davell-designed and manufactured locker has recently been featured across a number of news platforms including the Daily Telegraph, MTV News and most recently on Channel 7's Sunrise program.

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Introducing: the Davell Combination Padlock

Our innovative new combination padlock is the perfect addition to many of Davell's storage solutions. Used by schools, workplaces, gyms and more, these locks have been designed with a focus on longevity, security and with our customer's needs in mind.

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The Davell Services Locker - Supporting our front-line workforces

Frontline workers from multiple industries across the country benefit from Davell's Services Locker. While this unique Locker has been developed by Davell, in conjunction with Fire & Rescue NSW, other agencies and organisations are also realising the key features and benefits that meet their on-the-ground needs.

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Introducing the Davell Snowsports Locker

Designed and developed to give ski lodges and accommodation venue providers the ultimate storage solution

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Davell | Taking the lead in ecofriendly practices

As an Australian owned and operated business, Davell is proud to take environmental responsibility for all the products they create

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Active commuters spoilt with luxurious new end of trip facilities

Weekday walkers, joggers and cyclists are in line to be pampered with luxury upon their arrival to work, with many big businesses and corporations rolling out "end of trip facilities". The modern amenities usually include a high-quality change room fitted with individual shower cubicles, air-conditioning, storage units and bike racks.

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New locking system to solve locker allocation issues with the click of a mouse

Introducing the RAS Remote Allocation System The time consuming struggle of manually re-setting, unlocking and allocating new lockers will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new innovation called the Remote Allocation System (RAS).

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How consumers are being zapped: the truth behind counterfeit chargers

At Davell we take safety and quality seriously. That's why we were concerned to read about the alarming statistics around mobile device chargers and public safety.

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Charged Up | Davell's new Locker Power System set to revolutionise the way schools and workplaces manage their electronic devices' battery life

Take a look inside any of Australia's classrooms or offices today and you'll be hard pressed to find a single person not utilising technology of some kind. Technology is now a staple in our learning and work environments, with laptops, tablets and mobile phones assisting with nearly every process.

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How an organised work space can seriously improve work performance

For many, a new year provides a clean slate and a chance to get everything back on track. When it comes to work, simply decluttering the office can be the change needed to boost performance for the months ahead.

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Technology use in schools is more powerful than ever

Gone are the days of bringing pens and paper to school. Electronic devices like laptops and tablets are becoming necessary learning tools for Australian schoolkids, thanks largely to the bring-your-own-device model (BYOD).

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